What Is Hy-Conn?

When responding to a fire, if a fire department can shave seconds off its arrival time, it allows them more time to clear a building of people, saving lives,

If you've been a firefighter who has had to arrive at the scene, wrap the plug and then work to take hydrant caps off so you can then try to get the hose coupling on a frozen hydrant, you will be able to better appreciate what is now available when using  Hy-Conn LLC products. Watch the videos to the right > > >

Once that hydrant cap is off, the Hy-Conn Quick Connect Adapter has now made it possible to connect the hose to the hydrant within seconds!!

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Hy-Conn LLC has a patented adapter that allows
a firefighter to quick 
connect to a hydrant in
seconds. See its simplicity below:

Watch How Two People Compete In Connecting Their Hose

How fast does it take to connect three hoses to a hydrant?

Step-by-step Instructions To Connent To A Hydrant

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Fire Chief, Here Is How You Secure The
HYCONN LLC Hydrant Adapter
To Your Fire Engine?