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Hy-Conn, LLC Products

Below is pricing on all the parts Hy-Conn LLC is currently producing for Fire Departments and Road Construction Companies. 

All Storz units will have a threaded US Coupler adaptor installed on the Hy-Conn unit prior shipping and is included in the product cost.  Currently all thread types are NH threads, but Hy-Conn LLC is in the process of creating other thread types to introduce in the near future.

If a size is added to the original posting, it will have the date of addition at the end of the size.

2 1/2" Pro Unit:

> 2 ½” NH w/2 ½” NH Threads [ Part ID: HP25NHL25NH ] – $395.00 + S/H f.o.b. 71822


4 1/2" Pro Unit:

> 4 ½” NH w/4” Storz (Part ID: HP45NHL4ST) - $705.00 + S/H f.o.b. 7182 (07-10-13)

> 4 ½” NH w/4 ½” NH Threads [ Part ID: HP45NHL45NH ] – $678.60 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

> 4 ½” NH w/5” Storz [ Part ID: HP45NHL5ST ] $723.60 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

> 4 ½” NH w/6” Storz [ Part ID: HP45NHL6ST ] – $730.60 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

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5 1/2" Pro Unit:

> 5” NH w/5” NH Threads [ Part ID: HP5NHL5NH ] – $715.00 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

> 5” NH w/5” Storz [ Part ID: HP5NHL5ST ]  – $760.00 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

> 5” NH w/6” Storz [ Part ID: HP5NHL6ST ] – $767.00 + S/H f.o.b. 71822

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You might wonder how you are going to secure this HYCONN Adapter to your engine. 

For this reason, D&S Companies, LLC has contracted the B&K Custom Machine company [owned by a Firefighter] to design and manufacture this HCA7 Mounting Adapter [Patent-pending] solution for us to provide to those of you who want to get your HYCONN Adapter, including our HCA Mounting Device [Patent-pending], into service as soon as possible. A photo of the HCA7 Mounting Adapter can be seen when you click through to the next web page using the link button at the bottom of this web page.

Below, you will see a picture of the 4 1/2" with a 5" Storz that is mounted on the step of Engine 302, Middleton ID Fire Department. Our HCA7 Mounting Adapter [Patent-pending] is up inside of the HYCONN LLC Adapter, and this one is welded to the step on the Engine.

This special unit has a strap that holds the connected HYCONN Quick Connect Adapter down on the HCA7 Mounting Adapter [Patent-pending], strap is attached to the Hydrant Tool Bag inside of the compartment at the rear of the engine. The HCA7 Mounting Adapter [patent-pendingsecures the HYCONN Quick Connect Adapter solidly to the Engine. 

This model of the HCA7 Mounting Adapter [Patent-pending] used holding the HYCONN Quick Connect Adapter to Engine 302 below is retailed by D&S Companies, LLC for a cost of:
$95.00 + S/H FedEx or UPS, f.o.b. Caldwell, ID 83605

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To get your quote started, have your Fire Chief register your Fire Department Department with D&S Companies, LLC by completing the response form when you click on the link button below: