About Us

Why Us?

D&S Companies was created in 2005 when Sylvia's Design Photography [fire photographer] and FIRE/Rescue Safety Products decided to merge. 

One of the co-founders was an EMT in CA & ID and an EMT Trainer in  ID. The other co-founder was a FF/EMT in MD and a FF in CA. Today they are D&S Companies, LLC.

D&S Companies, LLC
has other products and/or
services that we promote

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We also have a Health Education Program that we teach at a Fire Department!

Lifestyle Improvement Project
2003 - 2014

RESCUE 2 Lifestyle Rescue
2010 - 2014
NutriDensity Cooking Classes
2014 - 

Who We Are

At D&S Companies, LLC, we are focused on providing unique products and/or services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do what we can to meet your expectations.

Being a charter member of the "Rated - E For Everyone" Network, we only promote & market products and/or services that have no age restrictions therefore being Rated -E For Everyone.
We look forward to working with you as you seek to help FDs & Other 1st Responder Agencies [& some other selective companies that can use the Hyconn LLC Products]
[Above photo is (c) by "Sylvia's Design Photography," now a part of D&S Companies, LLC] This photo was taken back when there was no digital photography. We do have the "negative" on this fire photo taken in September 2005 [Canyon County, ID]  if anyone wants to purchase a copy of it.